Moments of real enjoyment

A cup of perfectly prepared espresso can imporve our day. The full body and the rich aroma keep us up, keep us fresh or sometimes-relaxes us. The various offer of coffee blends Bar2000 will, along with its flavor and energy, always satisfy the most demanding and highest expectations of every real coffee lover.

It is made with the highest quality of coffee types that grow only on the highest terrains. It is characterized by a strong, sweet taste of traditional espresso coffee and it offers a full, rich aroma that transforms the drinking of this black drink into moments to remember: energetic and at the same time relaxing moments that you wish would never end.


For very demanding coffee lovers

The harmonic blending of the recognizable strong taste and rich aroma will satisfy first of all the most demanding coffee lovers. Bar2000 EXTRA, with its 100% Arabica coffee beans blend, contains only the best coffee beans from central America, where plantations are cured with only state-pf-the –art equipment and grown only by the best local professionals and experts. A perfectly prepared cup of Bar 2000 extra espresso is an enjoyment for the sight and the taste: it is attractive with its firm hazelnut colors, it offers enjoyment with its very strong, temperamental taste combined with a rich mix of aromas. All these characteristics are going to stay in your mouth and give your taste buds a pleasure that will stay for a long long time after its tasting.


The coffee blend of the next generation

The subdle, almost chocolatey flavor and the calm aroma are given by a perfectly created blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans. The relaxing enjoyment of a cup of Profumato coffee can be proof of this perfectly created harmonical blend. Profumato is for all coffee lovers that prefere to sip their cups several times a day and see it as an important factor of their social meetings. It is created by us with care and love and we are proud that it is famous not only in our home country but all over the world.


A perfectly balanced combination that creates the perfect flavor

Only the most meticulously chosen arabica and Robusta coffee beans were mixed and created this wonderfull renown perfect flavor. Its strong but yet sweet traditional espresso taste along with a rich, fully rounded aroma will transform every cup of Dolce espresso coffee into an energetic and relaxing moment that you'll never forget. But it is always best, in order to enjoy to the fullest this creamy espresso blend, to drink it as it is, without adding any milk or cream.