For sweet tooths that enjoy hot beverages

The Mayas were amongst the first to recognize the itoxicating power of the beverage created from cocoa beans. The Aztecs believed that these beans were the gift from the Gods and hot chocolate was, for them, a godly beverage that gives the humans wisdom and power. This ''Godly food'' even today creates magical moments for its lovers with its sweet rich taste, it empowers and energizes the body and the spirit. Made only with meticuolously chosen cocoa beans we offer our clients a wonderful and top quality offer of hot chocolate.

Hot chocolate

A strong taste with an enriched aroma

This beveraged is characterized by a high content of cocoa, making it precious. Being this rich of cocoa, it may appear a little bitter, but it allows you to fully taste the one of a kind chocolate flavor.

White hot chocolate

Gentle chocolatey pampering

The high presence of cacao butter and the perfect combination with cocoa beans create the perfect blend of a gentle but very aromatic white hot beverage, loved mainly by the youngest generations. It always heats up your hearts.